Choosing Eyeglass Frames That Fit Your Prescription, Face Shape, And Style

13 June 2016
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If you are shopping for new eyeglasses, it is recommended that you find eyewear frames that compliment your facial features, and blend with your skin tone and eye coloring. When shopping in an eyewear store, look at the available styles, colors, shapes, and embellishments and ask your eyewear fitter to help you find the best frames for your prescription and sense of style. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your next pair of glasses:  

Analyze Your Face Shape - Your eyewear fitter will measure and compare your facial features to each other. These measurements are done to determine how wide your face is compared to the width of your forehead and chin and how small the bridge of your nose is compared to the width of each of your eyes. Your temple size is needed to determine how long and thick the temples of your eyeglasses should be and how far back your ears sit on your head. Once your face has been measured, your eyeglass technician can recommend different frames that work best on your face.

Choose a Complimentary Eyewear Frame Shape - When selecting eyewear frames, choose frames to compliment not mimic your face shape. No one has a perfect face shape. You must often combine two or more face shapes to determine what eyeglasses will work best for you:  

  • Square Face - Oval frames are best for a square face shape. 
  • Round Face - Rectangular frames work well with a round face.
  • Triangular Face - Square frames with softened corners look good on a triangular face shape.
  • Oblong Face - Softly rounded square frames compliment an oblong face.
  • Oval Face - Rectangular frames with softened corners can highlight an oval face. 
  • Diamond Face - Oval frames that are not too thick are best with a diamond face shape. 
  • Heart Face - Oval frames will bring out the best look for a heart face shape. 

Placement of Eyes Within Eyewear Lenses - When trying on eyewear frames, your eye should sit in the middle of the lens. This placement is important to make sure that you can see in front of you and also near you within your peripheral vision. This placement may vary slightly if you are prescribed graduated lenses that differ in the prescription from top to bottom. As a general rule, eyeglass frames should not be worn above your eyebrow line. You can wear oversized eyeglass frames when wearing prescription sunglasses to block out as much peripheral sunlight as possible. 

Eyewear Color - Choose a frame color that blends with your skin tone and the color of your eyes. Most people have either a warm or cool skin tone color and eyewear frames should reflect that. Your personality and taste can also be a factor when selecting eyewear color. Choose a frame color that allows you to be the most comfortable in your new glasses.

After you have had your face shape analyzed and you have determined what frame styles you like best, try some on to determine how they feel on your face. You may find that even though an eyewear frame is properly fit for your face, you may like other frames that give you another look or make another fashion statement. All of these options are best chosen for your ultimate goal of seeing well and being comfortable in your new glasses.