4 Signs You Need Reading Glasses

27 May 2016
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As people get older, their ability to focus on objects nearby diminishes. This is called presbyopia and it happens to everyone as they age, regardless of how sharp your vision was in your youth. As your ability to focus on near objects fades, you will need reading glasses to help you read and see things up close. If you are unsure of whether or not it is time to buy some reading glasses, you should know a number of the signs that indicate you do need reading glasses. 

Fuzzy Print

The number one sign that you need reading glasses is if print you are trying to read on the computer or on a page is fuzzy. When the words on a page or computer screen are just too fuzzy to make out, regardless of how you squint, you need reading glasses. If the words become sharp when you move the page or screen far away from your face, you need reading glasses. 

You Need More Light To Read

If you find that one lamp isn't enough when you start to read and you are constantly searching for more light, that is a sign that you need reading glasses. As your eyes start to age, it becomes more difficult to see and you might think that the solution is more light to help you see when really you just need reading glasses. 

You See Halos

If you notice fuzzy halos around the words you are trying to read or close up objects, this is a sign that you need reading glasses. As your eyes start to get older, they have a more difficult time focusing light into the retina. This results in the halos that you see do to blurred and scattered light. Halos can also be a sign of cataracts, so if you are still seeing halos after you have purchased reading glasses make an appointment with your optometrist. 


Constantly straining eyes tire out not only your eyes but your brain as well. When your eyes and brain are working harder to discern up close objects, it can cause headaches from the strain. If you are getting headaches after trying to read things or after working on the computer screen, its a sign you need reading glasses. 

There are many different types of reading glasses, like clic magnetic reading glasses (from an outlet such as SportClick), and you can either try and purchase reading glasses at a store with the correct lenses or visit your eye doctor to get a prescription for reading glasses. Whatever you do, make sure that you get reading glasses after you've noticed these signs!